Custom Orders

The first step is having a conversation with Kai about your needs: what you like to carry (computer, lunch, umbrella), whether you want pockets, and whether you prefer: soft/rigid, flap/zipper/buckles, or strap/handle. Do you want your bag to stand up on its own? Are you keen on secret compartments? Are you looking more for James Bond or Elton John?

With Kai you’ll talk about colours: do you prefer something distinct that really fits your personality, or a more neutral colour that will age and mellow over time and add to the character of the bag? You’ll discuss leather colour and the colour of the fabric lining.

This is the time to outline your desires and your dreams. This bag is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and Kai is committed to working with you to get it exactly right.

Kai will choose the leather and the fabric based on your discussions – or he can use fabric of your own for an Heirloom Collection bag (Heirloom Collection bags come with an added cost, since the fabric is so limited and there is no room for error). If you have some very special fabric you’d like to use, perhaps from a loved one’s clothing or from a family quilt, Kai can incorporate that into the design of your bag.

The next step is for Kai to draw out some designs. He will share them with you and, if the bag isn’t exactly as you dreamed or better, he will work with you until the design is perfectly aligned with your vision. This process is all about you, so allow yourself to be pampered and to receive the gift of being heard and of watching your dream come to life.

KVL – Briefcase-13

Kai will take a deposit before he starts working with the materials – usually 50% of the bag’s estimated cost.

Then he will handcraft your own luxury, unique, personalized bag and give you the gift of carrying in style.

To begin the conversation for a custom order, please call or message Kai.