Kai Venemore

I started Kai Venemore Luxuries because I wanted goods of exceptional quality and design, but couldn’t find pieces to fall in love with. One day it struck me: make your own.

I had been designing and building custom interiors for several years prior to designing and crafting briefcases and bags. I had often found that my extreme attention to detail was overlooked in construction. However, with briefcases, each line, curve, and stitch became a focal point.

I began a path to craft products that truly stood out. Outstanding quality materials are the foundation of outstanding quality goods. I gather only the best leathers I can find, and combine them with the finest wood and solid metals to create a bag that you’ll be proud to carry.

I make my cases for discerning individuals who want to carry their favourite things in their favourite bag. I make these cases to outlive us: to be handed down to your children, used and loved for generations.

If you’re looking for an elegant solution to your carrying needs contact me. If you want a briefcase of the highest quality designed around your specific needs, look no further.