Yorkshire Briefcase


A wonderful briefcase of a more casual style. Gorgeous hand stitched top grain leather combined with English suit wool and custom made solid brass handles ooze class and dignity. Those handles alone have about 20 hours of cutting, shaping, bending and polishing to them. Beautiful pieces of art on their own. They’ve been finished by wrapping matching leather around them and then hand sewn across the top, with the final top edge lovingly treated and coated to provide a long lasting, comfortable finish.


The Yorkshire Case has a large side pocket for your gloves or newspaper, and a smaller side pocket for your pens and pencils. This case is not lined, and there are no internal pockets or sleeves. The back side of the leather is a very soft suede texture that will stand the test of time. I have inserted a solid base for the bag which helps it retain some of it’s structure, especially when heavy items are carried.


It’s a beautiful case, handmade using only the best quality materials. Lovely to look at and a pleasure to use. You’ll attract attention wherever you go. This case will last for generations to come.
Exterior dimensions are 13″ x 15″ x 2.5 not including the handles.



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